How To Create A Good High School Research Paper Abstract: A Quick Guidance

If you think that abstract is only a term used in painting, then you could be in big trouble! Well, don’t worry- if that is the case, here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know.

So what is it and how do I write it?

An abstract is a summary of the research paper you are going to present and belongs at the beginning. It will contain an overview of the objectives of your paper, and describe the methods used to accomplish them.

Belonging to a research paper specifically, it should mention the results of your study and any conclusions that could be drawn from them.

An abstract should be clear and concise and consist of just one well-developed paragraph, not containing any information that hasn’t been included. An abstract should make sense by itself, aside of the essay being presented.

As odd as it may first seem, it is best to write an abstract last. Having already written your essay, you can know what essential details to include.

Go head and shoulders above the rest!

Now you know the correct way of going about it, you’ll want to know how to construct a really good one! Well, as long as you follow the rules above, you’ll be getting a lot of it right, but rules aside, there are other areas to look at in constructing a great abstract.

Once you’ve mastered the detail, look at your choice of words and think carefully about your use of each one. The more perfect fitting word you can find in each case, the more it will flow easily and be a pleasure to read.

Perhaps it shouldn’t need saying, but pay attention to spelling and grammar- you don’t want to be marked down because of a stupid oversight!

As well as being informative of the above factors and being written in an engaging style, you’ll also need to make your reader want to read on. Has that been accomplished already, or is there more you could do?

You should always write a first draft and then re-read and change anything necessary; and you should keep doing so until you’re certain all is in order.

To really pay attention to every word you’ve written, it can help to pretend to read through the eyes of someone else; your teacher for instance. How would someone who knows nothing about the subject be reading it?