Picking Term Paper Topics On Labor Economics: Tips And Ideas

Over the last 100 years, the labor market has changed dramatically. These changes can be linked to many causes such as technology, social changes that have been brought about by war and conflicts, economic growth & decline as well as globalisation.

Ideally, when you are writing your paper on labor economics, you should take into consideration and acknowledge many of the factors that have influence on the issues, but at the same time you need to focus on one specific area with supporting evidence.

Consider some of the following topic ideas and explore some of the issues and concepts that can be drawn in to produce a really great piece of work. Remember that you can pick one topic and view it from several different angles.

  1. How has the laws of supply and demand affected wages? Has this made a change to contacts? Has this added to the popularity of zero hour contracts?

  2. Profile a worker who is a minimum wage earner. How does a minimum wage earner improve their potential? Does being a minimum wage earner affect relationships?

  3. Why does a wage gap still exist between the genders? Does the wage gap exist at managerial level? What needs to change to improve this situation?

  4. Why do some people find it more advantageous to stay on benefits? What are the costs to the community? What economic changes could be made to improve this?

  5. Does racial discrimination still exist in the labor market? To what extent? Does racial discrimination start before an interview?

  6. Has globalisation made it easier to get employment? Are jobs advertised globally in all market areas? How are qualifications standardised to allow for globalisation?

  7. How has outsourcing affected the labor market? How has it changed the local economy? How has it affected national economies?

  8. How did the labor market change at the end of WWII? Focus on the immediate social changes? How did the role of women in the workforce change?

  9. How have post industrial countries coped with the change in the labor market? What work is not available? Has this affected demographics?

  10. The labor market, demographics and migration, has it made good economic sense? How have people adapted to this? How has society adapted to this?

  11. How have issues such as Job Safety impacted on the economy? Is the economy affected by Health & Safety issues? Compare these issues to 100 years ago.

  12. Economics, Labor and Health Insurance. How does a small company cope with increased premiums in an aging work force? How does this affect pensions?

  13. The economics of hiring young inexperienced qualified staff compared to older experienced underqualified staff. What is an ideal situation? Is it affordable?

  14. The Decline of the value of a degree. Why are less people studying for a degree? Is the cost of a degree worth the financial hardship?

  15. Does job perks make up for poor wages? Does staff discount mean that staff are forced to shop with their employers? Do good health benefits mean poor wages?