Tips To Consider While Writing A Biology Research Paper

Students compose research papers to show how good they are at exploring certain questions as well as demonstrate their writing skills. Even working a biology project, you should bear in mind these two mandatory elements in order to succeed.

Preparation to Writing a Research Paper

Before you start writing your biology project, give attention to the following:

  • General rules on writing projects of this type,

  • Specific recommendations (you can receive these write-ups from your teacher who knows peculiar demands of your school’s lab),

  • Samples of similar papers.

It also makes sense to improve your writing skills that have nothing to do with biology. Do the following:

  • Have a consultation with your teacher regarding your previous writing drawbacks,

  • Study the information regarding the most common mistakes in students’ projects of this type (search for the information on the Web),

  • Study manuals, which speak about the pure writing, its improvement, and academic demands.

How to Write Good Biology Research

  1. Reconsider the topic.
  2. If you have already got one (suggested by the teacher, found on the Internet, etc.), make sure that it’s unique and interesting. If you realize that the topic is rather banal, try to find some new point of view, from which it will look unexplored and full of discoveries.

  3. Arrange a good order.
  4. It’s natural that a paper begins with an introduction and an abstract that represent the topic, its importance, your goals, and expected findings. Working on these parts, however, should start only after the body part is finished. It will help you correct your goals in accordance with the actual findings.

  5. Use a simple language.
  6. You shouldn’t try to replace terms with simple words but you definitely should try to write as understandable as possible. Avoid passive voice that complicates the text flow. Use the pronoun “we” instead of “I” because it sounds more professional.

  7. Compose a bibliography list.
  8. Always mention all the sources that you cite in your research. If you provide a citation but don’t mention the source, it will be plagiarism and a stain on your reputation.

  9. Use samples but don’t copy them.
  10. You should feel free to take advantage of other students’ works samples but never copy them off. Your paper must be unique to achieve success.

  11. Be accurate with formatting.
  12. All academic papers should be formatted properly in accordance with certain rules. These rules depend on the formatting style you choose for your project. Find good manuals and follow their instructions carefully.