Organizing An Interesting Scientific Research Paper Presentation

One of the most challenging parts of scientific research is learning how to effectively communicate it to others while making it interesting. When you have to give a presentation on a scientific research paper it is easy to think that you can just copy over the information from your paper to slides and be done. But this probably won’t make a very interesting presentation for your audience.

To successfully organize an interesting scientific research paper presentation, follow these easy steps:

  • Start with the problem or context

  • Chances are you didn’t include this in your paper, or if you did it was only briefly done in your introduction. But one of the keys to successfully communicate your research to an audience, and to keep them interested in your presentation, is to show them why the research is important. This can either be done by framing it as working to address a problem, or as being part of a bigger context. By starting out your presentation with this you’ll more effectively draw in your audience.

  • Present any relevant background information

  • Depending on your audience, this may not need to very extensive. Ask yourself who your audience is, and how likely they are to know much about the topic prior to your presentation. If they probably don’t know very much, make sure that you give them the background information that they will need to be able to understand your presentation.

  • Summarize your methodology

  • If your research included a methodology, make sure that you present a summary of it, and make it clear to your audience that they can ask questions about it if they’d like more specific information on it.

  • Briefly summarize your results

  • Try not to pack your slides with lots of tables of your results. Even though this data is important to your research, it will be hard for your audience to understand them and be able to take in the information. Instead, present your results with graphs and charts that will more easily allow your audience to take away the relevant information quickly.

  • Focus on your discussion section

  • The most important part of your research for most presentations is the discussion section and the conclusions. In your paper these are the sections where you interpret your results and draw out any implication of them, and this is typically the most interesting and relevant parts for a presentation audience as well.