A List Of Intriguing Research Paper Topics Related To Psychology

There are numerous areas of study in psychology where one can write a research paper. They include influence, perception and interaction. Beyond that, there are numerous topics on broader areas like neuroscience psychology, social psychology, affective science and cognitive psychology, among others. When writing your paper, it is upon you to select your area of interest.

Counseling Psychology

It deals with rehabilitation and correction of acquired habits. Such a broad area presents endless options when writing your paper including:-

  • Are counselors biased based on personal experiences?
  • Counseling relies more on personal will than the information given
  • Seclusion makes counseling more effective
  • Counseling is not a solution for all acquired behaviors

Social Psychology

This is a field concerned with interaction, cognition and influence, among other areas. This means a lot of issues to discuss in your research paper. They include:-

  • Human beings work more from reflex than consciousness
  • Childhood attitudes are never changed since they recur in adulthood
  • Media is responsible for most of the present day violence in homes
  • Pro-social behaviors are formed at childhood and enhanced by environmental influence
  • Self recognition ends at childhood

Positive Psychology

This is one of the emerging areas in psychology. It means that there is a lot to be studied about it. Positive psychology deals with man’s pursuit for happiness. It deals with ways through which man can attain happiness. The areas of study touch on the way and individual thinks or acts. It has been regarded as new age or pop psychology for addressing positivism in life. Some of the topics to study in positive psychology include:-

  • Religious people are more positive than non-religious ones
  • Education provides a positivism boost in life
  • People in families are happier than those in dysfunctional ones
  • Wealth leads to a happier old age

Sports Psychology

This involves a study of all actors in the sporting world. It studies players, fans, referees, coaches and other assistants in a sporting setup. In your research, you might seek to understand their behavior, motivation, reactions, crowd mentality, etc. Interesting topics in this area include:-

  • Fame is a greater motivator than money
  • It is failure as players that motivates the greatest coaches
  • Rival derbies put players under unnecessary pressure
  • Sporting fans experience pressure similar to the players

The choice you make for your psychology research paper topic should be guided by passion in the area. Choose an area that will challenge your understanding of psychology. It will be more interesting to read and write.