A List Of Original Research Paper Topics About Latin America

Writing a research paper is one of the most critical and important academic assignments for students. The assignments at early grades tend to be simpler and do not involve any hard work or extensive search. However, as you promote to higher grades, you find out that writing a research paper involves critical thinking, careful analysis, planning, and organization of tasks and most importantly fresh topics. Your teacher will not assign you a topic and you can take it from there. You would have to search and understand the subject, find a potential niche, and brainstorm for interesting topics.

An original topic is something not discussed before and is often hard to find. The first few ideas that come to your mind while thinking of Latin America would most likely be taken already. You can skim through your textbook to find a topic clue or read good resources on the Latin history to find a niche that still needs to be addressed. You can argue on the reasons for several events and present your own viewpoint of what if and how in the given events.

It is important to note that you should first select an area of interest and then think about the topic. Do not jump straight to the topic before narrowing down your subject. You can pick a famous event in the history of Latin America or talk about the economy, culture, religious inclinations etc. depending upon your interests.

Here is a list of topics worth considering while writing a paper on Latin Americans

  1. The legal right of Portugal over Latin America before Columbus discovered it in 1493
  2. The Aztec and Inca Empires that stood between the freedom of Americas
  3. The role of Napoleon invasion on Spain in determining the independence of America
  4. An insight to the war fought between America and Mexico in 1846
  5. The triple Alliance war is the most devastating war ever fought in South America because of the loss it incorporated
  6. The war fought on the Pacific in 1879 changed a lot of things for Latin Americans
  7. Panama canal 1914 was a milestone in the history of engineering for the Americans
  8. What factors led to the Mexican revolution and how do we see it now for the assassinations and massacres
  9. The Cuban revolution and its effects
  10. The operation condor