Choosing Catchy Research Paper Topics On British Literature

The area of study encompassed by the term ‘British Literature’ is understood to mean all literature written from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Most of the works referred to were written in the English language, however, there many early works written other early languages including Anglo-Saxon, Gaelic, Welsh and many more. When needing to write a research paper on a British literature topic, the choices really are endless. Here are a few catchy topics for you to consider:

  1. Discuss how religion and politics play roles in British works written in the 17th and 18th centuries. How has this changed over the centuries since the time in which they were written?

  2. How have British works of the 19th century influenced the development of society in the post-Victorian era? Do you think there are still remnants of Victorian life in society or has literature played a role in removing it completely?

  3. Which are the major themes that have appeared the most in literary works of the medieval age? Why are these themes most prevalent in that period and why do you suppose they have remained or disappeared?

  4. Discuss how nature has played a major role in works across different eras? Have opinions about nature changed? Do you think the early works that focused on themes of nature were trying to express a view about preservation?

  5. Choose an author from the 19th century and discuss how he or she has impacted British literature into the 20th and 21st centuries. Use specific examples that tie the eras together.

  6. Compare two authors from different centuries who share similar traits and whose works can be easily mistaken for one another’s. Get creative with your comparison and provide sample text to back up your arguments.

  7. Which modern works are close to becoming classics? What evidence from the past do you have to support your argument? For instance, are there certain themes or public receptions that can effectively predict the next classic?

  8. How is British identity defined by its literary history? Provide some examples and provide some ideas about what this could mean moving forward.

  9. How has British literature influenced the history of film in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, etc.?

  10. Analyze how modern works refer to the works of William Shakespeare. Has he largely become an author worth studying but not longer to copy or get influence from?