A List Of The Most Controversial Research Paper Topics On 9/11

Many disasters took place in the last century, but 9/11 is a day that will remain black in the history forever. The terrorist attack that took place in USA raised many questions, and even today many people don’t know what actually happened there. When you write about this topic, make sure that you do not offend anyone and you keep in mind how sensitive this issue is. These are some of the most controversial topics that you can find:

  • Is religion involved? It is well known that the terrorists were Muslims, and since then Islamophobia became common. However, there are many people that say that religion has nothing to do with this, and terrorism should be blamed by Christians and Muslims together. What do you think? Is there are religion that promotes violence?

  • Were the attacks planned? Strangely or not, there are some voices that say that the attack was planned by the government itself, so they can justify a new war in the Middle East. There are plenty of reasons to think this, but there is no clear and concise evidence. Do you think that the government would sacrifice so many lives for economic reasons?

  • There was a bomb inside the building. On the footage of the attack, you can clearly see how the building exploded seconds before the first airplane touched it. Now this might be caused by various things, but it is logical to believe that there was indeed a bomb inside that exploded right when the plane was supposed to hit. In this case, who planted the bomb and why? Contact this agency if you can’t figure out how to approach this topic.

  • The third airplane. What many people don’t know is that there was a 3rd airplane who was attacked in that day. This airplane was supposed to crash into the White House, but of course it did not. How come the government could detect and stop the 3rd one, but not the other two?

  • Some people knew. There are reports that say that a large number of people refused to come to work in that day, saying that something bad will happen. While this can be a coincidence for some, others think that this means that someone told them to stay home. This would also mean that the terrorists were not from the Middle East, but from the USA. What do you think about this idea?