Writing An Expository Research Paper Thesis Statement: Guidelines And Examples

Before we go into details of how you can get to write a very good thesis statement for your paper, it is important to understand why this section is necessary to your work. There are a lot of students who basically get to hear about it but never really learn why they are doing this. Many are the times when teachers sit through a dissertation presentation panel and as the students come in and present their work, when asked to point out the thesis statement in their work, a lot of them end up being baffled because they have no idea what the teacher is talking about.

This is a really precarious situation to find yourself in, and with that in mind, it is important to consider taking some time to learn what this part of your paper is all about, and why it is considerably one of the most important sections you can work on so far. The thesis statement is basically a few lines that you write in the introduction to help the readers have a good idea of what is coming in the paper that you are working on. It provides not just the idea, but it also gives the reader your point of view. The following are some useful guidelines that will help you deliver one of the best papers so far:

  • Read samples to get a better idea

  • Get help from your supervisor

  • Discuss with your fellow students

Read samples to get a better idea

You can benefit from getting a good sample paper to help you structure the rest of this work. This is a very good idea because in the long run you will be able to see how some other individuals worked on their papers to make them perfect. You can learn from this and structure yours in the same manner.

Get help from your supervisor

There is a good reason why students are normally assigned supervisors to help them sort out some of these papers. If you do not know what to do, try and get in touch with yours so that together you can chart the way forward.

Discuss with your fellow students

There is a good chance that you have classmates who are not struggling with this part of their work. If you can get in touch with some of them, you can get to learn a lot in the process.