How To Write A Research Paper In A Short Period Of Time

Writing research paper usually implies substantial time spending on the searching, processing and bringing together the raw data. However, if the deadline is drawing near and you still haven’t even thought about writing the paper, even so there are step-by-step guidelines that will enable you to execute the assignment quick and easy:

  1. Undertake the preliminary research.
  2. Given you’ve already picked the topic, get started with the basic research in order to grasp a broad understanding of the issue and to do preparation for developing your thesis.

  3. Establish the thesis statements.
  4. After having conducted the primary search you should already have a notion as to the postulates of the work. The main role of the thesis is to give the focus area of the whole text, that’s why it should be concise and clear.

  5. Create the paper outline.
  6. Once you’ve developed the main research ideas, inspect them carefully and try to build up the outline around your thesis. In this step you should think over the number and content of paragraphs in the body of your paper, as well as lay the groundwork for your introduction and conclusion.

  7. Write the body.
  8. Blend information from different resources, dividing it to the paragraphs respectively, and smooth the tone and writing style of the outcome. Each paragraph of the paper body should contain the main idea, its supporting points and segue to the next statement.

  9. Write the introduction and the conclusion.
  10. The introduction should announce the topic, briefly introduce its significance and come to end with a transition sentence. The conclusion should give the summary of the study topic, restate above mentioned thesis and give readers the final impression you want them to take away from your research.

  11. Edit and proofread the document.
  12. Read the whole document through and make sure all paragraphs are cohesive and constructed around a single major idea. Work through the pages, fixing any mistakes you find. The good idea is to take a fresh look at your work the next morning.

  13. Insert the citation page.
  14. All footnotes and citations, mentioned in your paper, should be listed in the Works Cited page. Check the variety of citation generators in order to simplify the process of creating the correct citation page.

The foregoing steps are the effective time-saving method to complete your research assignment without getting yourself into a tizzy. Just a little planning and you have the first-grade paper finished within a couple of hours.