How Do You Write A Good Conclusion For A Research Paper: Professional Advice

As a student, you know how an introduction is good for your research paper. Many of us in a bid to complete the dissertation put all our concentration on the introduction, literature review and data analysis of the project. As a result, we often fail to provide the required attention to the conclusion of the paper. Just as an introduction is important to keep the reader captivated, similarly a conclusion is a way to proof that you have the ability to complete a project. You can also get help online by visiting a number of websites which offers successful tips on how to conclude a paper.

But before you look into the search engines, you should follow certain guidelines that will help you to conclude a paper successfully in the future:

Professional advice to write a good conclusion:

While you write a summary of your research, you must know what a good conclusion is and what it is not. A good conclusion means that you are well aware what you are writing and in that sense it will be proved that you are in full control of your work.

A good finish of your paper means:

  • Must be at par with the rest of the assignment.

  • Put stress on the main ideas conveyed through the study but with a different angle. Use the key phrases used in your writing once again in your conclusion, but with a fresh set of language. In a word you should focus on the major points already discussed in the work.

  • Raise a question for your reader to ponder upon and think about that issue, so that something new can be created out of that.

  • It should be more than being only a summary. Give a deep thought to it so that the end could be logical and reasonable.

  • You can also make a call for action by suggesting some results or consequences.

While you keep in mind these points, you must also remember what “not” to be included in the conclusion:

  1. Never introduce a new concept in this section. Remember, you are ending the work. A new idea must be introduced in another part of the text.

  2. Don’t emphasize on the minor points

  3. Don’t write a probable conclusion; only write that you are certain about.

These are the main things you should remember while writing a good summary of your research paper.