What's The Difference Between Research Paper And A Biography?

We have heard of research paper and biography during our academic years. But have we ever thought that there is a subtle difference between the two? Or have we ever thought that there might be a difference between the two? Let us discuss that in our current article.

A research paper can often be termed as an expository essay which is intended to inform and explain something to us. It is generally about any subject which sometimes includes personalities with more emphasis on their work. But a biography is exclusively and typically about any personality, mostly about his/her achievements and life events. It is a kind of narrative compositions where we tell or narrate a story in order to entertain the readers.

Let us discuss the characteristics of a research paper and biography in details.

A thesis paper is not a fictional story, so there is no room for exaggeration or flowery description in this kind of writing. The writing style should be simple and informative and the writing pattern shall be concise. You put in various data, references from various texts, do statistical calculations and conclude scientifically. A thesis is written in a very scientific manner and informs us about the situation around us. A strong emphasis is given to the hypothesis which must be proved in the paper and that is the most important part of a dissertation.

On the other hand, a biography is something which entertains the readers. You have the liberty to write the biography in your own style. However, a biography is not fictional. Since it revolves around a person and his/her achievements, it shall entirely focus on the important happenings of that person’s life and thus the place for fiction gets decreased. The language shall not be flowery but easy going and free flowing. This will be easier for the readers to comprehend what you are saying. There is no need of statistical data or hypothesis in this kind of writing.

But despite the differences, there are similarities in the writing patterns of the both. Both should have a definite introduction and conclusion. Bibliographical references and indexes are a must in both the style. You cannot create stories or put any mismatched information in either of the writings. Moreover, you need to maintain paragraphs in both the writings.

So these are the information regarding the differences and similarity between a dissertation paper and biography.