Picking Up Good Topics For Quantitative Research Papers

In higher learning institutions, one of the compulsory undertakings a student must pass through is conducting an academic research in a bid to show his or her practical knowledge. In this regard, there are different types of practical studies learners must partake on. When it comes to conducting a field study, it can either be quantitative, qualitative or a mixture of the two. However, before picking on a particular one, students are more often than not advised to take into account some factors which will always have a strong bearing with success or failure of a study. For example, if you study is set to pursue a quantitative approach, it is imperative to take into account the fact that the topic must be that which lives up to that type of approach. This is to say, quantitative studies will always take into account the aspect of topic as this will greatly determine if the study is viable or not. In this article, we take a look at what you ought to consider when picking a topic based on this approach.

The question of measurable constructs

Well, a topic for any field study should be researchable from the onset. This brings to the fore the question of its measurability. Constructs are also known as variables. You can always gauge from a topic for a study whether it has variables or not. For example if you are conducting a study on how the number of teachers would affect the performance of students, your variables or constructs in this regard are teachers and students. Note that there must be a direct or indirect correlation between the two which is also measurable for a study to be called quantitative.

Will the topic address the problem?

This is also another important consideration researchers should always take into account if a study must meet its objectives. Before landing on a topic, it is always important to take into account this aspect of problem solving. Ostensibly, studies are conducted to solve problems or address a knowledge gap; therefore, it is also imperative to have a topic that will lead to achieving such an end.

The question of structure

A study should be systematic and this is something achievable right from the time you select your topic. Therefore, always pick on a title or study question that will not compromise on study structure.