Top 18 Unique Psychology Term Paper Topic Ideas About Depression Treatment

Deciding on the perfect topic for your term paper is not easy. You have to make sure that you choose a topic that has enough information on it to write a solid paper. It is also important to try and choose a unique topic for two main reasons. The first is that your teacher would likely prefer to read a paper on a topic that they have not read five million papers on already and the second is that you can’t have your paper judged against other student’s papers if it is on a unique topic. If you and someone else writes your paper on the same subject, it is really hard to give you both the same grade even if they would have received the same grade separately.

A term paper is a large research paper where you will likely have the entire term to finish. This doesn’t mean that you should wait until a few days before it is due to start it. You will want to make sure that you are working on it throughout the semester, so that you have a very good paper by the end. It is probably worth a big portion of your grade. Make sure that you pick an interesting, relevant, and unique topic like one of these below.

Here are some really great topics to write your paper on regarding depression treatment:

  1. Effectiveness of talk therapy
  2. Cognitive behavioral therapy
  3. Interpersonal therapy
  4. Problem-solving therapy
  5. Medication: SSRIs
  6. SNRIs
  7. TCAs
  8. Electroconvulsive therapy
  9. Transcranial magnetic stimulation
  10. Vagus Nerve Stimulation
  11. Lifestyle changes
  12. Psychotherapy
  13. Group therapy
  14. Herbal supplements
  15. Acupuncture
  16. Mindfulness meditation
  17. Relaxation techniques
  18. Failed methods: electroshock therapy

Once you have your topic, you will start to develop a comprehensive outline that organizes ideas and puts them in a logical order. It is a great way to find the best way to present your information so that it has the biggest effect.

You will come up with a research question about your topic that you will conduct research on and work to determine. The answer to your research question will be your thesis statement which is the main focus of your paper.

You can use the same format for this type of paper that you would for a five paragraph essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion. You will need to write more than five paragraphs though. It should be more like twelve paragraphs. There would be two introductory paragraphs, three body paragraphs for each of the three reasons, and a conclusion.