Coming Up With Literature Research Paper Topic Ideas

Sometimes the most difficult part of completing a writing assignment while you are studying in school or completing your degree is to come up with an interesting topic for your writing. If you are struggling with this dilemma and need to come up with literature research topic ideas for your project, consider these tips for a topic you will enjoy writing about.

  1. Gender roles in literature – Review and analyze how the role of men and women differ in different novels. Look at how changes in society have influenced the written works of different authors.
  2. Genre storytelling – Analyze how different types of writing tell different stories within their writing in different ways. Compare and contrast these differences to see if one way tells a better story than another.
  3. Historical background comparison – Compare how the background of the author and their history impacts how they tell a story and their style of writing. Does their background story appear to influence the novel?
  4. Political issues – Review how the current politics when the novel was written influence the finished product.
  5. Genre comparison – Select two novels that were written on the same topic or in the same genre and compare their similarities and differences.
  6. Novel allusions – Compare how the author used allusions within the novel and how is the idea important within the writing?
  7. Religion – Religion can influence writing and the author in many ways. Show how religion impacts the viewpoints within the work itself.
  8. Character comparison – Compare and contrast the characters within a novel and show how each of their personalities influences the story line.
  9. Novel critics – Everyone has an opinion on a work even in the old days when the novel may have been written. Examine reviews from the past and present on a novel and see how the opinions have changed.
  10. Review symbolism – Symbolism shows up in all good writing, review the symbols the author used and explain their significance.

Finding a topic for a literature research composition is easy if you review these ten tips. After considering these tips, take one idea and make it individually yours so that the end work that you provide for your assignment reflects your interests in the world of literature. No matter which one you choose these topics will help get you started in the ‘write’ direction completing your work.