Essential Parts Of A Research Paper: Instructions To Follow

This statement about every sport holds as true for academic writing: there are some rules that are neither told nor written. These rules are just understood by both the parties. When you are asked to write a research paper, there will be some things that you will not be told about it by the person who has assigned you the job. You will have to understand these by yourself, and of course with the help of this article.

The structure of a paper is as important in the academia as the data and information included in it. You have only one paper to write at the end of the term and you must ensure that this is taken care of very well. You must be aware that your paper will be marked separately on the basis of the structure. Here are some instructions that you need to follow in that case.

The abstract: defining the paper

The abstract is where you start to define the paper in parts. It is more like painting the outline on the canvas, inside which the sketch is to be made. You must make sure to make this outline as broad as possible.

Literature review

The literature review of the paper can be anything between a new study on which your paper is based or a number of articles that you are using for your paper.

Problem statement

The problem statement is where you define the basic problem your paper will discuss. It may not always be a problem in strict sense of the term. It may also concern the gist of the paper.

Chapter 1

This is where you start building your argument. Facts start coming out in logical progression and you will start garnering the interest of the reader right here.

Chapter 2

This is a chapter that appears like the logical extension of the first chapter. More facts and figures can be included. Thereafter, you may also include chapters 3, 4 and so on. Refer to other services like this website to learn more on chapters.


The conclusion of the chapter is another important aspect that you should take into account. The conclusion must also appear to be a natural extension of the other chapters preceding it.


The references page defines the resources you have used for information. It is generally advisable to take professional help while doing this page.