Basic Elements Of An Argumentative Essay You Need To Know

Just as the name implies an argumentative essay is one in which you argue a point of view. There are two factors at play here. You need to be absolutely certain of your topic and then you need to provide evidence to substantiate your argument. Writing off topic or on a side issue will not help you gain extra marks. Craft the thesis statement of your argumentative essay and go from there. Here are four basic elements in any good argumentative essay.

  • You must carry out relevant and sufficient research.

  • The thesis statement needs careful consideration.

  • The structure of your argumentative essay is vitally important.

  • How well you transition can determine your score.

Presenting scattered information or facts which cannot be substantiated is an easy way to fail with your argumentative essay. You need to show evidence that you have carried out sufficient and relevant research in building a case for your essay. Do not skimp on this aspect. The best way to write effectively is to have strong support from your research.

The thesis statement is a single sentence, a summary of what you plan to argue for. You need to spend time refining this simple but highly important piece of information. Don't waste words. Keep it simple. Use your thesis statement as the driving force for the rest of your writing. Like the choice of topic for your essay, the thesis statement is a bedrock element in your writing.

The structural organization of your essay is another basic element. Your essay will have an introduction at the beginning and a summary at the end and in between those two sections there will be two or more fact paragraphs. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Present a well written and well researched argumentative essay but in a traditional format.

Finally we come to what are known as the transitions. These are the sentences which link ideas even paragraphs throughout the essay. What you need to develop is a flow of ideas. This means that the person reading your argumentative essay is carried along with your line of argument. They understand the first point you make and then they transition to the next point. The transition aids in the understanding of your writing.

Get these four basic elements right and you give yourself an excellent chance of success. Omit even one and you run the risk of dropping marks.