How To Write A Research Paper Discussion And Conclusion

A research paper requires being extremely methodical with assertions. It cannot afford to start well and then lose its way, like an ill-wrought movie. Effort has to be placed on its Introduction and Conclusion with equal gravity.

Importance of Methodology

Now, the most important aspect of a research paper is its Methodology. Here, you go into the practical processes to determine your assertions and hypotheses. When you are through with it, you need to analyze the findings and accordingly hold a discussion.

Calibrated handling

The discussion of a research paper has to be calibrated and professional. Here, you cut the corners and leave all the frivolity at bay. You have to interpret facts on the basis of your findings. The writing style has to be up to scratch.

The common thread

Say, if the findings of a set of different enquiries have a common thread and relate to a particular finding, you have to present that in your discussion. You also have to submit your assumption of probable findings had the enquiries or Methodology been different than how it was conducted.

Answering pertinent questions

In the discussion page, you also bring to the fore certain questions which have been bogging the topical theme for some time. Perhaps it were those questions that drove you towards this research. You need to answer them with perspicacity and end all doubts in relation with it.

Thematic progress

Based on the discussion, your conclusion will take wings. You have the findings in hand as well as its significant analyses. You know how the theme progresses in time and where it is headed. You furnish a conclusion giving it a new direction or concretizing the extant one.

Stay away from vagueness

Your conclusion should be assertive and should not grace assumptive words. There should be a feeling of redoubtable attribute in context to your research conclusion. Ideally, you should drive towards solutions and a way ahead rather than staying on the line.

The standing authority

In the end, your authority on the topic should emerge in a messianic way. For this, you should refer only to genuine resources and take inspiration from eminent samples. You should understand the perspective of luminaries related to the topic and synthesize your views along with them to brew something special.

Write the discussion and conclusion page with a fresh and calculating mind and your research paper will automatically wear a true cloak of conviction.

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