How Do You Write A Great Research Paper Summary And Conclusion?

Writing a great research paper depends on a number of factors: one needs to commit ample time to get through every phase of the writing process, one must pay close attention to presenting a clear and logical argument that is easy to follow, and one must write great paragraphs that leave a lasting impression on the reader. This article will focus on composing great research paper summary and conclusion paragraphs to achieve the lasting effect that leads to top-notch grades.

Look Back to Your Major Points in the Body Paragraphs

The first step in writing a great summary and conclusion is to look back at all the major points made in your body paragraphs. Simply take each of your topic sentences and put them in a list. Restate them and draw links between them. Use this information to write an informal draft for your ending paragraph.

Review Thesis and Determine if You Proved it Correct

You’re going to want to remind the reader of your original argument as well as state whether or not you achieved in arriving at the conclusion you had originally predicted. As you synthesize the content in your final paragraph you will need to state whether your research project failed or was a success, thus reviewing your thesis is a great idea to start.

Look at the Methodologies and Approach

Take a look at your methodologies and approach sections of your research paper and check whether they were administered properly to lead you to the results you originally predicted in your thesis statement. If the methodologies and approach did not work then you should consider explaining why they failed in the final paragraph of your work.

Compose a Basic Outline for Your Summary and Conclusion

A great exercise to write your summary and conclusion is to create a short outline to logically present the arguments you have made in the body paragraphs. Remember that you won’t be adding any new material to your final paragraph, but you can restate your main points and show how they work together to prove the thesis you made in your introduction.

Leave with a Profound Sentence that is Memorable

The last one or two sentences of your research paper will be the last chance for you to leave a lasting impression on your reader. There are several ways to a conclusion paragraph and you must decide which one is the most appropriate and relatable to your content. Whether you have a call to action or you come back full circle by relating your ending to the beginning of your work, emphasis your final statement.

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