Where To Obtain A Strong Research Paper Proposal Template

Your research paper proposal is an important document that should be well written so that it can get the approval of your supervisors. It will need to be approved so that you can go ahead with your research project. There are several places that you can get good templates for your proposal.

  • University websites
  • You will find many templates on university websites. Begin by searching your own school’s site, this is because you may be required to follow a specific format and the school will provide it.

    Check on sites for the major universities. These too will have templates that you can use.

  • Visit writing websites
  • There are many writing websites offering templates at good prices. They will have the best structures and also be able to advise you on what is suitable for you. These sites as well have a lot of experience in writing research proposals and thus can give you helpful insights in writing your proposal.

  • Free download sites
  • These are all over the web. They give you the opportunity to download research proposals from their sites for free. Be cautious with these though. If something is for free, it may not necessarily be the best.

As you browse through all these sites, you’ll find that the proposal template will follow some prescribed guidelines. Keep in mind the following to select a strong template.

  • You should be able to save a good template on your computer and fill in the blanks with your own text. This then rules out all pdf format documents.

  • The first three sections of your research should be covered in detail. The template should have all the required fields for you to input your text.

  • Preliminaries. The template should allow you to put in several pages here. These are the title page, declaration, dedication, acknowledgement, abstract, table of contents and abbreviations among others. The contents of this section may differ, but you should have the option of deleting a section and adding one if need be.

  • Chapter 1-introduction. This has various segments depending on what your school requires. Some schools require a background of the study, statement of the problem, the purpose of the study, objectives, questions, and significance of the study, limitations, scope and assumptions to be fitted in here. Your template should thus have all these or allow you to add subsections.

  • Chapter 2-Literature review. This is where you’ll write on what others have said about your topic. This section should have sub-sections for a theoretical orientation, empirical review, and a conceptual framework.

The sections required in each section will actually depend on your school. Take time, therefore, to find out what you are expected to do. You can check out past research proposals from your school library or department. These will be great for pointing you in the right direction.

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