How Does A Research Paper Title Page Look Like: Simple Guidelines

The title page is normally the first thing that a reader will see when presented with any academic paper. It therefore makes a great and significant impression on the reader. Even if a paper is written excellently, a messy or an incomplete title page will give the reader a first impression that the author of the paper is not very careful. They will then be searching for problems and mistakes within the paper, rather than being objective to how well the paper is written.

  • When it is required
  • A title page will usually be required for longer academic papers. For many students who are writing such an academic paper for the first time, one question that often comes to mind is-how does a research paper title page look like? Here are some simple guidelines on what should be included in a title page.

  • What is included?
  • In most cases, what should be included in the title page will be dictated by the formatting style that you will be required to use for the paper. Often times, the instructor or professor will be very categorical about this information. Your instructor will normally include this information in the assignment sheet along with the paper instructions and requirements. In this case, you will just follow the guidelines provided.

    However, there are certain instances where this information is not provided. In such instances, there are some standard elements that are normally required. These include, your name, title of the topic, name of your institution, the title of the class or course, the name of your professor or instructor, and the date of submission.

  • How it should appear
  • To a certain extent, the way the title page should appear is normally a matter of personal preference or style. Nevertheless, there are certain general guidelines that apply. First, you should only use one type of fonts as using different font styles can be confusing. Secondly, try to use a font style that is clear and easy to read. Thirdly, keep things simple and avoid putting too many pictures and words as these will have a confusing and distracting effect on the reader. As a general rule, the titles of all these items should always be centered and the first letter of each word in the titles should always be in capital letters.

In order to gain a better understanding of how does a research paper title page look like, it is advisable to consult your instructor for clarification. Alternatively, you can have a look at a couple of previously written papers in your field and see how the title page of such papers has been formatted.

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